I don't know that much about Adobe & Patone being just a hobbyist photographer. I use the Adobe LR 6.14 stand alone version as of yet & an older version of Affinity Photo. Maybe 1083 or something or other. I'm a light weight when it comes to post processing. I do use an X-rite i1Display Pro for my monitor, have a ColorChecker Passport I use once in a while, a X-rite i1studio & will probably will make my first ICC paper/printer profile this month coming. I also own a DataColor SPYDERPRINT that has never been taken out of the box as of yet. Purchased it when I purchased the Canon Pro100 & it seems to have a larger color charts for making profiles. My prints match my screen so I haven't had to make a profile. I did purchase a pack of Canon Fine Art Smooth paper when purchase printer ink. Canon has no profile for it on my printer. Hence making a profile. Called Canon & they have one for the Pro1000 & larger it seems. So I ask the questio, is it only for pigment ink based printers? Tech says there is no profile for it for use with the Pro10. I ask why & he just says, above his pay grade. Need to ask someone from Japan. Doesn't make any sense to me but I guess not everything has to.

Anyway, I have been enjoying your news letters, thank you. Once I get back to work, Maybe I'll go paid, I'll look into the paid subbed bennys & decide.

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I refuse to pay a monthly ransom for software use. I use the old standalone version of Lightroom and Photoshop. I purchased Capture one several versions ago, and then purchased an upgrade. Now that they're pushing everyone towards the subscription model, I'm done. I bought Affinity Publisher (and the upgrade v. 2) and used it to publish (POD) a book last year and it worked perfectly for me.

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